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I work with great financial advisors and individuals.

There are many well informed, well educated, and well intentioned individuals in our profession.

I find that Cathy Benjamin is one of the rare individuals who possesses all of these talents, with a passion for maintaining a highly ethical commitment for doing the right thing for people.

This is why I highly recommend her services to my clients.

Guy G.

Cathy's expertise made me feel like I needed no one else. She exhibited a demeanor that was kind and understanding of my needs and she took the time to listen .

Arlene​ C.

Over the short time I have known Cathy,  I have noticed she  will work endlessly for you,  doing what is necessary to get the client over the finish line.   She is a true asset to me and my team. 

Lee K.

As a Financial Planning Professor in a CFP Board Registered Program, I teach a lot of classes and wear a lot of hats. However, I am not an expert on Long Term care. Cathy agreed to come in and teach in my Insurance & Risk Management Class, demonstrated that she is an expert and was incredibly helpful to my students. I know who to call when I need Long Term Care help. Thank you Cathy. 

Scott D.